M25 #greekrevolution

M25 - inspired by the demos and camps in spain, the greeks go out tomorrow to the streets to stay and camp!!


Greeks are rising!

Greeks are ready to rise tomorrow in all the major cities around
Greece. The movement ''aganaktismenoi sto Syntagma'': Frustrated in
Syntagma Square is based on the movement of the people in Spain. Media
are trying to sabotage this effort and all the movement pages around
Facebook are deleted suspiciously! But we will be there! (CNN i-

Call to all movements

We, the undersigned people who met, in the international seminar held
in Paris the 23rd and 24th of may 2011 wish to convey our solidarity
with you, who are participating in the movement Tomalaplaza in Spain
and to all people in different countries who are building the global

Your struggle is our struggle!

We too call for a regime change: a global regime change. We can build
global democracy: global governance of the people, by the people, for
the people.

The G8, the G20, the IMF, the World Bank, The UN security Council are
today de facto dictators. These institutions must not be allowed to
run people’s lives without their consent. It is important that people
understand that they have the power to not only influence citizens’
life plans, but are in fact world governments.

The decisions that were once mediated by the states are now in the
hands of those international organizations and corporations, severely
constraining the freedom of citizens to rule their own lives.

Women and men are paying for the crises but enough is enough!
Movements are growing all over the world and imposing their voices.

Governments cannot carry on with these policies.

1. We want the power to the people, having all the right to be citizen, to
decide, propose and refuse decisions which effect their life.

2. That each and every person, must have free access to adequate
recourses for the sustainable and equitable satisfaction of basic

3. To defend common goods like the water, the air and our planet
working on alternative energy.

4. To defend a world without war, illegal occupations,
patriarchy, all genders’ discrimination and violence reducing military
expenses in favour of using resources for better lives for all

The social forum are opened spaces and we invite all the people involved in them to participate in this movement.

This is a call to join our struggles, build strong networks, build
movements which have the strength to live at a local and global

We call on support or starting open and public assemblies and forums
in central squares wherever is possible to build real alternatives