Anger accumulating inside. Tireness; the unbearable certainty that their messages, their mottos, whatever they are, systematically turn to be against us.

Afterwards, a protest, a first improvised camp, the police evicting it and the unexpected: hundreds of people reply with the same rage. "Did they kick us out? We'll return!" And they returned. They did, and hundreds with them. The hundreds turned into thousands... until filling-up the square, until taking it over, under the helpless sight of the police. Power now, at least there in the square, was in our hands.

What did we learn? Nothing that we didn't know already. However, now we saw it. We lived it. We lived the euphoria, the power of feeling that we can consciously produce our own history. The people's power. The so called democracy. What did we learn that we already knew?

The Number. With such a high density of people, thousands within a square, police had only two choices: a massacre or... nothing. They couldn't afford a massacre. Thus, we took over the square. They could only look at us. The square remained in our hands. We changed it, we transformed it, and nobody could stop us.

The Place. The Square. A wide square were several streets converge. None of them wide enough to evict us from there easily. After reaching certain number, the eviction was impossible. We reached such number and eviction turned to be impossible.

The Organization. No one called us. No one invited us to take over the square. We just met there. The message was transmitted from one to another, travelling from our personal contacts... And in the plaza, at last public space, everything was decided in assemblies. The organization was divided in committees by topic (communication, coordination, proposals, actions, IT...). Committees that met around, under tents or in close-by streets.

The Diversity. Those committees, those assemblies, the whole square was taken over by all kinds of people. Although youth predominated, there was people from all ages and social classes. Some coming from the squats, others from the neighbourhood associations, others from unions, social movements or different political ideologies... However, for many this has been their first political experience. And no one pulled out their flags. No need of flags, unitarian mottos, common dogmas. We got together to express our dissent. Together, from our differences, we shouted that we want and we can change how things are.

The Solidarity. In the square we have been thousands, but many more breathed relieved after seeing our reaction. They breathed, they supported us, and they thanked us. Examples? Daily breakfasts for all paid by anonymous neighbours; donations of food and beverages until exceeding the storage comission; free meals for everyone; high quality computers and materials that were given to fulfill the needs of the committees... Inside the square we were thousands; outside much more.

The Communication. After the first eviction, the first show of "We'll return" spreaded like wildfire in the social networks. Emails, twitter, mobiles, social networks, word-to-mouth they have turned into the most instant contact ways. No one thought of trusting tv and newspapers when we had the direct witnesses telling us through the net. Finally, newspapers had to go to the same networks to see what was happening. These networks are at our disposal. We can skip the intermediaries of traditional media, or even sometimes use them to reproduce our messages. The word also belongs to us.

The Aims. The first aim was succeeded. We wanted to shout, and our shout was listened by the whole world. However, our shout is not just a non-sense. We shouted, we listened to ourselves, and this fulfilled us with renewed strengths, our own strengths. The assemblies and committees are not the channel to express what we want, what we seek to do. We are many and very diverse. We will negotiate and agree with each other the lines to follow, the steps to continue. However, the most important step has already been done. We woke up with a shout, and we saw that by our sides there are many others shouting.

We are the people. And we have seen that whatever they say, whatever they do, if we get together, if we decide to do so, the power is simply ours. The democracy can be real. It could be real now. Look at our experience, and know that they won't be able to stop you neither.

Close your eyes, hold each others hands and shout... shout louder... and take over the square. The square, the power and the history will be yours.