Resolutions of the People's Assembly of Syntagma Square 2/6/2011

Open collaboration online and offline

Taking a keen interest in the development of the Real Democracy Ya! / Take the square movement I found the evolving open collaboration shared much with open groups I have been working with in recent years.

Considering this I thought it would be a good time to share ideas and resources I have accumulated over this period.

I have been involved around the periphery of-

M25 #greekrevolution

M25 - inspired by the demos and camps in spain, the greeks go out tomorrow to the streets to stay and camp!!


Greeks are rising!

Greeks are ready to rise tomorrow in all the major cities around
Greece. The movement ''aganaktismenoi sto Syntagma'': Frustrated in
Syntagma Square is based on the movement of the people in Spain. Media
are trying to sabotage this effort and all the movement pages around
Facebook are deleted suspiciously! But we will be there! (CNN i-

Call to all movements

GRAZ, Austria. We took the square!

On May 22nd around 100 people gathered on the main square (Hauptplatz) in Graz, Austria. We demonstrated in support of the actual uprising in Spain. It started as an act of solidarity but soon we realised that the political and economical situation also concerns Austria. We decided to start organizing ourselves in order to come up with ideas. We did a public assembly to collect different views towards the protest and this action. Then we decided to camp on the main square and managed a short intervention by the police around midnight .

Common statement of the Lyon movement:

Common statement of the Lyon movement: Democracia real ya! Real democracy now!


We, French, Spanish and world citizens, gathered today, Sunday 22nd May, on the Place Bellecour in Lyon.

Standing together with the Spanish movement “Democracia real Ya”, we have decided to prolong this pacifist and non-violent movement by creating a space of exchange, debate and struggle on this square.

COMMUNIQUÉ DE PRESSE Grenoble, le 21 mai 2011

COMMUNIQUÉ DE PRESSE Grenoble, le 21 mai 2011

Communiqué du mouvement lyonnais Democracia real ya!

Communiqué du mouvement lyonnais Democracia real ya! Lyon Démocratie réelle maintenant!

Nous, citoyens français, espagnols et du monde entier, nous sommes réunis aujourd'hui, dimanche 22 mai, Place Bellecour à Lyon.Inspirés et solidaires du mouvement espagnol « Democracia real Ya !», nous avons décidé de prolonger ce mouvement pacifiste et non-violent par la création d'un espace de discussion, de débat et de lutte sur cette place.

Appel de l'Assemblée Générale Parisienne

Appel de l'Assemblée Générale Parisienne

Voté à l’unanimité par l’Assemblée Générale de Paris, Place de la Bastille, Dimanche 22 Mai 2010

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